ABC Tasks Help

To add a new task:

  1. Navigate to any date you want the task to be due using either the Weekly calendar, or using the Goto Menu on the bottom, then tap on the Add button “+”,
  2. Choose from the three priority: A, B, or C
  3. Specify the title of the Task

To Edit an existing task:

  1. Tap on the task, which will take you to the task detail
  2. From the task detail screen you can edit:
  3. Task title
  4. Change the priority
  5. Change due date
  6. Attach a memo
  7. Attach a voice memo
  8. Attach a photo
  9. Specify the repeatable option

46 Responses to “ABC Tasks Help”

  1. Rex Habgood Says:

    How do u specify a time to ur tasks? If I have a meeting tomorrow @ 10am at whatever address how do I set up an alert to warn me that I have a meeting at 10 and then so on and so on with the entire day’s meeting schedual and times. So if my next appointment was @ 1 where do I enter that and again where do I specify the time of the meeting c/w an alert? Please let me know asap, without these imperative functions this organizer is useless to me!! Thank you.

    Rex Habgood

  2. gari lidh Says:

    cannot see tasks after entering. would not buy: does not work!!

  3. Ron Says:

    Would be a usable app if it shared info through the app and not emails. Waste of money at this point

  4. bob Says:

    how do you sync with calendar? i want to see cal events on abc to have complete view of the day. actually the reason i tried this is because is because cal doesn’t handle to do’s well but both are important to see

  5. Dwight Says:

    False advertising, it does not sync with google calendar nor tasks. Total waste of time and money.

  6. Tammy Says:

    Is there a way to make the font smaller?

  7. Tammy Says:

    Is there an iPad version in the works?

  8. J Says:

    Is there a way to color code? OR, is that going by whether it’s “optional/urgent/important”?

  9. bob Says:

    Whats the latest due date for next release?

  10. bob Says:

    Thought for next release: allow tasks to be ordered by category. In other words let me look at all the A tasks and decide the order they should be done. A1, A2, … B1, B2, …

  11. Tim Moffitt Says:

    The app works great for me, however I would like to see a time due along with the due date. It us worth the money and easy to use.

  12. Kim Says:

    The repeatable setting is not working – I set tasks to repeat every day, but they only show up on the first day that I set the task. How can I fix this?

  13. Becky russell Says:

    Is ther a way to email my to-do list tha I create? Also, can I categorize by “a” “b” “c”?
    Would appreciate knowing and thanks

    • iqadan Says:

      Currently you can only email individually, by going to each of items attached to the todo item, such as memo, voice memo, and photo. Another way is to share the todo item with another ABCTasks user.

      As far being able to categorize by “a”, “b”, “c” that’s currently is in development.

      Thank you for your purchase.

  14. Stephanie Catlett Says:

    Everything was great…then all of the sudden the only tasks that display are for the current day even when scrolling ahead to a different day…please help!!!!!

    • iqadan Says:

      To display all the tasks you will need to change the current filter. Probably your view is set to view 1 day. You can change that by tapping on the middle button at the bottom of the screen and change your view from 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or all …

      Thank you for purchasing ABC Tasks

  15. Amy wexler Says:

    When you send a memo via email why doesn’t it send the DATE!!! And you can’t specify a time either? What’s going on this software isn’t anything it claims to be…

  16. Mike Says:

    What a disappointment. Can’t set times or alerts. Nothing noteworthy about this one except that I can’t believe I paid for this app! What a sucker:(

  17. John Says:

    For $5.00, I expected much more. Very disappointed

  18. Teeney Says:

    I would like to see an iPad version andthe ability to have the optionto sync between devices.

    I use ABC Tasks as a quick reference organizer rather than as a calendar replacement.

    I can see the relevance of syncing with subscribed calendars though.

  19. Ari Says:

    How can I get a view for the whole month?? If not how can I get a refund??

  20. Ari Says:

    Very unuseful app No alerts and no monthly view. Too expensive for what it does. A refund would be greatly appreciated thanks. Ari

  21. Chris Says:

    Any particular reason why the tasks shared are going backwards by one day at a time everytime ?? Can’t make head nor tail of this very complicated!!

  22. LifeisChoice Says:

    Interested in purchase, Where can I find list of up coming features in the next update?

  23. Ray Says:

    This is the best planner I found on the app store. All the others did not meet me to do list needs. I used the Franklin covey system where you sort your list by a b and c which I like. The only other feature that I would suggest would be to allow us to sort the A’s by 1,2,3 so it would look like A1, A2 etc just to make the plan easier to follow once you begin your day. Just a suggestion. I love your app regardless.

  24. Hollis Says:

    When will the alerts come?

    • iqadan Says:

      Alerts will be implemented using local notification or as calendar event item. The alert feature will be part of the 2.0 release. We appreciate your patience.

  25. Tony Says:

    Entering task a week out and they are not showing up. Have tried different setting and nothing works. Feel like I was ripped off with the purchase price. Looking a week ahead and nothing changes.

  26. Alex Says:

    Hi there. I purchased your app and when I click ‘+’ to add tasks it gives me a blank list (no tasks ) and the date and will not let me input anything . In short , it’s not working. I was looking forward to using to what appeared to be a useful organiser. Please advise.


  27. Alex Says:

    Not working! When I press + won’t let me input! Tried it with setting ‘no filter,’ no luck!
    Please advise

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